Monday, September 7, 2009

the usual suicide (bishop and cassiana I)

"this is what it's like to really be alive",

says the girl, a black dove placed

serenly above everything else,

on this Chicago skyscraper.

she's holding a rose over the edge,

and pulling off petals,

one by one, letting them

fly into the crowds below,

like some forever-game of

'he loves me not.'

the whole city burns behind us

and in our eyes.

i don't bother to stretch out a hand.

"it's not as if i want to die", she says.

and she smiles the way she did when i

met her a hundred years ago.

"i just want to fall.

what happens after, i don't know."

we're the whole world while she

pulls off the last petal, and lets it

disappear, blown off into a starless night.

"if you could fall forever, wouldn't you?"

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