Monday, September 7, 2009

immortal. (bishop and cassiana II)

walking these deserted

corridors, the ruin of the

old palace, my footfalls

echoing off the cold stone

floors, i pass a painting,

softly lit in the early

morning's light.

"bring me the universe,"

a whisper in my ear.

the girl regards me,

frozen in time, precisely

as she was back then,

her eyes cold, no blood

warming her the porcelain

of her cheeks.

"show me to the stars,"

a breath upon my neck.

the whole world contained

in her crystal earing, the

eyes of god that shine

from the diamonds of her

necklace, frozen light,

perfection caught in

the eternity of the ring

upon her hand.

"let me dance with the angels."

cassiana, come to find me again.

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