Monday, September 7, 2009

flutter. (bishop's swan song.)

i trust my feet to take

me where i need to go.

i ended up at a ruin, tonight,

under a star strewn sky,

clouds the color of roses

falling across her face, hiding

the moon.

i lay down upon the drive,

and rest my eyes, remembering

my own stars.

fire dancing, like we did,

in front of the grand window,

to our own music, alone where

the whole world could see.

now, weeds grow up in front

of that same window, and

it is too dark for me to see in.

here, i am transparent, a

fluttering thing caught outside

it's own time, as unreal as

the mists the fountain casts,

the words fading from the

wall of a room where

no one will sleep again.

i cannot see, but i can imagine

the rooms, the carpets now

more stained, things abandoned

and overturned in your haste

to escape, myself included.

i rise from the drive,

the clouds now darker than

i remember, the lamps shining

but not cuttng through the

veil of the night, and

i trust my feet to take

me where i need to go.

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