Monday, September 7, 2009


i can see her even now,

view it from somewhere

behind my eyes, or maybe

i just feel it.

it's the girl from the school,

who goes for coffee and

gets tea, swaying slowly,

gracefully, alone on the

floor, and i can't remember

if this was a dream or not.

this is the inspired kind of

beauty that looks effortless,

inborn, flawless, floating,

the very picture of elegance.

the girl who spends years

to write just one perfect song,

the kind of song that seems

effortless, flawless, like beauty

just happens, mirroring truth.

the girl i see smoking in the dark,

the cold wind coming over from

the water, her face lit by a single

candle, her eyes catching the light,

and her tears falling, to create

the stars.

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